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NEW Book!




Butternut Hollow Pond

by Brian Heinz


Millbrook Picture Books (2000)

ISBN-13: 978-0-8225-5993-1



From Booklist, Lauren Peterson
"It's daybreak at Butternut Hollow Pond. It looks peaceful, but there is much going on. Bluegills dart out to feed on insects; a dragonfly snaps up mosquitoes, and then is snapped up himself by a tree swallow. ... Two concepts are beautifully demonstrated in this picture book for older readers: the hunter invariably becomes the hunted, and all living things are players in a complex cycle of interdependence that is much more than a simple food chain. Heinz fills this nature drama with action and sensory-loaded language that pulls children in as no science textbook can, and Marstall's realistic watercolor illustrations offer a lovely window to observe the diverse ecosystem. An excellent resource for the science curriculum."


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